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1x 10 Bosch Siemens Cleaning Tablets (00311769) and 1x 3 Bosch Siemens Descaling Tablets (00311819)

1x 10 Bosch Siemens Cleaning Tablets (00311769) and 1x 3 Bosch Siemens Descaling Tablets (00311819)
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Manufacturer Description

Cleaning tablets (00311769) suitable for the following devices:

Balay: 3CF458X/02,/03/04/XP04.
Bosch - Benvenuto B20: TCA6001UC/02, 03, TCA6001/01, 04, TCA6001CH/01,TCA6001/02, TCA6001CH/04, TCA6001/03, TCA6001UC/04, TCA6001CH/02, TCA6001CH/03, TCA6301UC/03, TCA6301CH/04, TCA6301CH/05, TCA6301UC/04, TCA6301/02, TCA6301/03, TCA6301/01, TCA6301CH/02 and many more.
Gaggenau: CM20011001, CM200110/01, CM20011002, CM200110/02, CM20061001, CM200610/01, CM20061002, CM200610/02, CM21011006, CM210110/06, CM21013006, CM210130/06, and many more.
Siemens: TK68E571/04, TK68E57GB/03, TK68E570/01, TK68E57GB/04, TC55002/01, TK68E570/02, TK68E57UC/03, TC55002/02, TK68E570B/01, TZ60001, TK68E570/03, TC55002GB/01, TK68E570B/02, TK68E570/04 TC55002GB/02, TK68E570B/03, TK68E570B/04, TK68E571/03, TK60001/02, TK60001GB/05, TK60001CH/01, TK60001/03, TK60001GB/01, TK60001CH/02, TK60001CH/03, TK60001GB/02, TK60001GB/03, TK60001/04, TK60001/05, TK60001CH/04, TK60001GB/04, TK60001/01, TK64001CH/03, TK64001GB/02, TK64001/04, and many more.
Neff: C7660N0/04, C7660N1/03, C7660N0GB/01, C7660N1/04, C7660N0GB/02, C7660N1GB/03, C7660N1GB/04, C7660N0GB/03, C7660N0/01, C7660N0/03, C7660N0GB/04, C7660N0/02.
BSH-Group 00311769 / 311769 also replaces: 311560, 00311560, 310575, 00310575, 310655, 310969, 00310655, 310969, 311807, 00311807.

Descaling tablets (00311819) suitable for the following devices:

Replacement for: 00311855, 00311704, 00576694, 00576693, 00311705.
For Siemens fully automatic coffee machines of the series: EQ.5 (TE50...).EQ.6 (TE60...).EQ.7 (TE70...).TE71...TK7...EQ.8 (TE80...).Built-in (CT6...).TK76...

Product Features

For coffee machines from Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff. Cleaning tablets 00311769: replaces 310575, TCZ6001, TZ60001. Descaling tablets: original successor product for Bosch TCZ8002 & Siemens TZ80002. Cleaning tablets: removes coffee fat residues / descaling tablets: 2 in1 remove limescale and protect from corrosion. Delivery includes: 1x 10 Bosch Siemens Cleaning Tablets (00311769) and 1x 3 Bosch Siemens Descaling Tablets (00311819).