Capsule Coffee Machines

Coffee Capsule Machines

Capsule coffee machines are so common today that it's difficult to imagine a time without them. However, before inventor Eric Favre came onto the scene, the world of coffee was a lot different. It has been more than a 40-year journey and one that has completely revolutionized how we enjoy coffee as a nation.

The journey began in 1975 when an aerodynamics engineer by the name of Eric Favre began working at Nestle. He was employed in the packaging department and use that as an opportunity to learn as much as he could. At the same time, he was confident that he would one day be able to make the ultimate espresso.

Favre began to combine what he learned from from work with his quest for the best coffee in the country. He learned from one particular coffee shop that oxidation was the key to releasing additional flavours. This idea eventually led to the first prototype of the capsule coffee machines. Eventually, in 1986, the first capsules hit the market under the Nespresso brand.

Favre's designs weren't originally targeted at homeowners, but rather hotels, bars, and offices. However, the idea was simply too great to keep hidden. Nestle worked with Favre to design more efficient machines and eventually they were sold to consumers across the globe. Today, they are commonplace in hotels, bars, restaurants, stores, and homes alike.

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