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Cleaning tablets for coffee and espresso machine - Pack of 260, Cleaner suitable for automatic coffee makers and capsule machines

Cleaning tablets for coffee and espresso machine - Pack of 260, Cleaner suitable for automatic coffee makers and capsule machines
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Manufacturer Description

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Product Features

? CLEANING TABLETS SUITABLE FOR a wide range of automatic and traditional espresso machines. The high highly effective tablet cleans coffee oils grinds and other arrears. Also grease and fat are wiped out of the inner part of your device.Replacement tablet removes stale leftovers from heavily soiled equipment. One tab per cleaning process. ? WITH REGULAR MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING : Of your expensive coffee machine you will achieve maximum use from it and will result in producing consistently good coffee that you enjoy. Tested and approved care product. Non corrosive, non-aggresive formula with no environmental impact, Extend the working life of your machine and leave no residue or odor after cleaning & rinsing. ? EXTEND THE WORKING LIFE OF YOUR: Machine, Tea maker, Cappuccino machines and. Leave no residue after use & cleaning process. After one cycle, your coffee machine, tea machine will be completely clean and re-energised ready and safe to use. Protects the appliance from new and fast coffee oil and brew leftovers, afterwards the coffee maker is in peak operating condition. ? GENUINE OPTION: to high cost tablets in a convenient measured dosing. The high effective pill cuts buildup without harsh chemicals or odors. Easy to use for high cleaning performance. You can clean the group head coffee nozzle as well as the machine itself. ? 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If there's any kind of problem with your order, we'll promptly refund or replace; no need to go through the hassle of sending anything back to us.