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Coffee Beans Brazil, Roasted Coffee Beans UK - Barista

Coffee Beans Brazil, Roasted Coffee Beans UK - Barista

Manufacturer Description

The perfect espresso, rich full-bodied blend made from selected pure Arabica coffee beans. Our blend combines beans from six single origin, directly imported 'bean to cup' certified estates in Brazil, Central America, Ethiopia and India. The beans are slow roasted separately and then blended by a 5th generation Italian family business that makes the most wonderful Italian coffees. A medium Italian roasted espresso style blend of beans for expert baristas and gourmet coffee lovers. Suitable for use with most coffee makers and brewing methods. Grind and brew as required.

Product Features

SLOW ROASTED - 100% Pure Arabica beans, each bean roasted separately and blended, for a superior flavour profile SWEET MEDIUM ROAST - Cocoa caramel aroma, rich velvet body and delicious sweet tobacco aftertaste GREAT TASTE AWARDS - Green beans imported direct from coffee estates in Americas, Brazil and Ethiopia 100% ARITSAN MADE - Real Italian - Made in Tuscany with passion by 5th-generation expert roasters. L'espresso perfetto PERFECT GOURMET COFFEE GIFT - Suitable for all coffee makers - use in filter, percolators, Aeropress, espresso machines or stove-top espresso