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Coffee Beans

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Coffee Beans

Coffee is an incredibly versatile beverage, and that should become evident if you take one look at the range of coffee beans that we have to choose from. Whether you like a mild and mellow drink, something strong, dark and bitter, a latte with fruity undertones, or an americano with a chocolatey, earthy flavor, there is something for you in our range.

We have coffee beans that you can grind yourself, and there is the option to purchase pre-ground beans in a range of coarseness to suit different machines.

Our beans are sold in sealed packs to help keep them fresh. We recommend that you grind them yourself in small amounts when you need them, so that they always taste their best. Set the grinder to the setting that is recommended by the maker of your machine, because if you grind coffee too finely it could cause a build-up of sludge in the cup. If you make the coffee grinds too coarse, then you may find that the flavor does not come through as well.

There are tasting notes for each type of bean, to help you decide which to use for your espresso, and which to use for your long milk drinks.

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