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Most would agree that coffee capsules have completely changed the way that people enjoy coffee on a regular basis. They have eliminated the need to brew an entire pot of coffee when all that you want is a single serving. And while the capsule isn't the first single serve coffee solution, it has become the most popular in many different countries.

The framework for modern coffee capsule brewers was laid in the early 1960's. At the time, a pump based coffee maker was created that could force hot water through a serving of coffee. Over the next few decades there would be several advancements in coffee making. Finally, during the 1990's, the coffee capsule was beginning to see use.

Today, coffee capsules are far more popular than they have ever been. They are in homes across the globe as well as gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, and coffee shops. The design of the capsule is intended to minimize energy and water loss. When biodegradable materials are used, it is a more environmentally friendly solution as well.