Coffee Filter Papers

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Coffee Filter Papers

Coffee filter papers are a disposable utensil that is used in coffee making. They are designed and manufactured to sieve the ground coffee while allowing the liquid coffee to pass through. Unlike metallic and plastic coffee filters, the paper filter also traps oil components found in coffee.

Generally, there are two types of coffee filters; the bleached and unbleached filter papers. The bleached filter is the variety of paper filters that have been chemically processed to give the paper the characteristic paper white hue. Chlorine and oxygen are used in the bleaching process. On the other hand, the unbleached filters have not undergone the bleaching process. As such, they still retain the natural colour of paper; a brown hue.

There are many people who swear by the bleached filter and consider them as the better option for the highest quality of coffee possible. However, there is an equal number of people who recommend the unbleached variety. The differences between the two are very minimal if any. The quality of coffee is generally the same.

However, with the bleached filters, there is a possibility of the filter retaining some bleaching chemical that might alter the taste of your coffee. On the other hand, the unbleached filter, as much as they may be better for the environment, they tend to infuse a paper taste in the coffee.

With matters of cost aside, the best paper coffee filter is the one which you feel comfortable using.

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