Filter Coffee Machine

Coffee pods have often been described as the equivalent of a tea bag for coffee. In many ways, that is a correct description. Where as filters and grounds are ideal for making large pots of coffee, the pod is the best solution if you're in the mood for a single cup. It prevents wasting a filter, wasting excess coffee, and wasting time waiting for a pot to brew.

Finding decent pods can be a bit difficult in the current market. More companies are leaning towards plastic cups that are used in commercial single serve coffee makers, but these are not the same as coffee pods.

In addition to finding coffee pods, you will also need to find a designated pod coffee machine. There are some drip filter coffee makers that come with an attachment for brewing pods. It's a good idea to locate pods that are designed according to existing standards, such as the ESE standard. This means that any ESE pod can be brewed in any ESE compatible machine.

The pod has a few key advantages over filter machines. It takes less time to get a cup of coffee, there is usually less waste involved, and the pods create a very strong aroma. You should consider keeping pods around the house for those days when you aren't in the mood for the entire pot.