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Gaggia RI8762/18 Anima Prestige Coffee Machine, 1850 W, 15 Bar, Silver

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Gaggia RI8762/18 Anima Prestige Coffee Machine, 1850 W, 15 Bar, Silver
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INTEGRATED MILK CARAFE Froths the milk for an incredibly dense, consistent and hot result thanks to its unique two frothing chambers. In a few seconds, you can enjoy your perfect Cappuccino or latte macchiato: your coffee is brewed and the milk carafe froths the milk all at the touch of a button. It delivers a splash-free stream of velvety milk straight into your cup. With an automatic cleaning cycle and the ability to be removed and stored in the fridge, it is as hygienic as it is efficient. ONE-TOUCH BEVERAGE SELECTION You can prepare your favourite coffee and milk specialties at one touch of a button, thanks to the integrated milk carafe and multi-beverage interface. AUTO-CAPPUCCINO SYSTEM Thanks to the fully integrated double chamber milk carafe, having a perfect cappuccino or a frothed milk, directly in the cup, only takes seconds with just one touch of a button. The milk carafe is cleaned after every use with the unique auto-clean carafe that you can activate at one touch if you wish, after each milk preparation. REMOVABLE PATENTED BREWING GROUP It is the heart of the machine. It replicates the actions of a barista in an automatic mechanism. An ideal dose of coffee is tamped into a neatly compressed puck and it allows hot water to run through the puck at a suitable pressure for a great coffee. OPTIAROMA You can select and memorize the amount of coffee required for your perfect Espresso: 5 options available, from 6,5 to 11,5 grams, to adjust the coffee strength to your taste. 100% CERAMIC GRINDER Anima is equipped with a robust 100% ceramic grinder that turns beans into a fine powder and extracts maximum flavours, without ever tasting burnt. It has 5 different settings of grind that grant you the finest grind for a full-bodied espresso or a coarser grind for a lighter tasting coffee. PROGRAMMABLE DISPENSING SYSTEM Each drink can be fully customized and you can store your preferred settings per coffee and milk beverages for future brews, such as strength,

Product Features

Removable Gaggia Brew Unit Ceramic grinder to retain the purity of the coffee aromas Integrated Milk Carafe One Touch Cappuccino Pre Ground Function & Automatic Descale Cycle