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Instant Genius Coffee™ Nootropic Infused Instant Coffee Created to Improve Focus, Memory, Cognitive Function and Assist Brain Health

Instant Genius Coffee™ Nootropic Infused Instant Coffee Created to Improve Focus, Memory, Cognitive Function and Assist Brain Health
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Manufacturer Description

Instant Genius Coffee is a revolutionary new way for obtaining an edge in daily performance, achieve greater results or simply enjoy greater brain health. The naturally occurring nootropic ingredients are blended to offer a unique formula that works at the cellular level, optimising neurotransmitters and protecting brain neurons. Instant Genius Coffee is made for everyone seeking to boost their mental performance, achieve greater brain cognition, clarity, focus, and protect their brain's wellbeing. It tastes just like regular coffee, well mixes with milk, so you can freely enjoy your favourite coffee flavour, the same you are accustomed to. As the caffeine content is no greater than normal coffee, the same consumption recommendations apply. With Instant Genius Coffee you won't have "jitters" or feel shaky. Instant Genius Coffee is a nootropic infused drink designed to offer "clean energy", with a sense of focused yet calm. Instant Genius Coffee increases the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine for improved memory and learning. Also increases cholinergic activity in the brain resulting in greater cognitive ability memory and mood. One of its main ingredients is Lion's Mane mushroom (lat. Hericiumerinaceus) - a medicinal mushroom which has been used in Asia for centuries because of its incredible neuroprotective powers. Clinical studies have also shown that Instant Genius Coffee ingredients increase NGF, the protein nutrient responsible for enhancing and repairing neurological disorders.

Product Features

OPTIMIZING - Created to support and assist with focus and concentration, as well as with memory and learning, mental energy and mood, clarity, reduced brain fog and stress response, and other important brain-related activities. NATURAL - Contains non-GMO ingredients. It is gluten free, suitable for vegans and contains no artificial ingredients. CERTIFIED - Manufactured in a FDA registered facility and in accordance with GMP standards. Every batch of ingredients is subject to Certificate of Analysis. BRAIN HEALTH - Ingredients that support brain wellbeing by protecting brain neurons, offering protection against oxidative damage and by removing damaged fats and toxins. EASY PREPARATION - Very simple to prepare. Just add hot water to two teaspoons of Instant Genius Coffee and stir well. Add milk or sugar if preferred.