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Lean Caffeine Bulletproof Coffee Ground Grounded Coffee 227g | Pesticide & Mycotoxin Free Upgraded Coffee Beans Ground

Lean Caffeine Bulletproof Coffee Ground Grounded Coffee 227g | Pesticide & Mycotoxin Free Upgraded Coffee Beans Ground
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Manufacturer Description

Clean Coffee that Keeps You on Top of Your Day

Life is short and we try to cram it all in. Business meetings, kids, travel, fun and games. We're all busy and we all need something to see us through.

That's when you reach for your trusty caffeine hit and it rockets your energy sky high. But before you know it you're crashing back down & feeling even worse than before.

Some coffees contain mould toxins (mycotoxins) and pesticide residues.

Doesn't sound so good? You'd be right! They're not great for your health and they won't boost your energy levels. In fact they'll probably do the opposite...

Do you know what's in your coffee?

At Lean Caffeine we lab test our coffee for pesticides and mould toxins and we print the results on each & every bag. You can be confident of a clean coffee which will power you through your day with sustained energy and focus.

Say goodbye once and for all to the highs, lows and side-effects (like headaches and nausea) that you get from cheap, performance-draining coffee.

Lean Caffeine: Great tasting coffee, with none of the nasties. If you have already tried Bulletproof Coffee, Good Life Coffee and/or 360° rundum ehrlich coffee - try ours now absolutely risk free!

Three Simple Steps to a More Energised, Focused You:


It couldn't be easier. Just click "Add to Basket" then Checkout. We'll have the coffee to you in no time.


Lean Caffeine is a delicious coffee in its own right, but it can also be enjoyed as a bulletproof coffee as part of an intermittent fasting, 5:2 or keto diet. Mix it with C8 MCT oil and grass-fed organic ghee.


Savour your cup of great-tasting, rich coffee. You'll find you're left with no bitter aftertaste, nausea, or headaches

Product Features

The ONLY Bulletproof Optimised / Upgraded Coffee Beans Lab Tested for BOTH Pesticides + Mycotoxins - Results on the label - Super Clean Coffee! Dark Fresh Roast Coffee Beans - UK Small Batch Coffee - Freshness is Guaranteed! Free Accompanying Guide with Recipes, Exercise Plan and Eating Plan - Download from our website Gourmet / Speciality Coffee Beans: Dark Chocolate & Vanilla Taste - Super Bold yet very Smooth! Blend with Grass Fed Organic Ghee + High C8 MCT Oil as the Perfect Keto / Ketogenic / Bulletproof Coffee breakfast replacement