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LUSCIOUX Sonetto - ESE 44 Coffee Pods | Flavorful & Aromatic Authentic Italian Espresso Capsules | A markedly Creamy Fruity & Sweet Blend | Pack of 100 Capsules

LUSCIOUX Sonetto - ESE 44 Coffee Pods | Flavorful & Aromatic Authentic Italian Espresso Capsules | A markedly Creamy Fruity & Sweet Blend | Pack of 100 Capsules
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Manufacturer Description

Anyone Order The Most Aromatic, Flavorful & Balanced Authentic Italian Espresso?

Want to enjoy the real Italian espresso experience without spending a small fortune? Need a set of delicious coffee Pods for your coffee maker at home or at the office?

Introducing The Ultimate Italian Espresso ESE 44 Coffee Pods By LUSCIOUX!

Now you can finally enjoy the most aromatic, rich-bodied and tasty espresso coffee at the comfort of your own home with the LUSCIOUX premium compatible espresso coffee Pods. Make your own authentic Italian espresso, latte, mocha, macchiato, lungo, ristretto or Americano and impress your loved ones with the most mouth-watering coffee.

Top 3 Reasons To Choose The LUSCIOUX Coffee Pods Over Other Alternatives:

UNPARALLELED ATTENTION TO DETAIL - unlike other coffee brands, LUSCIOUX is a small, family-run coffee business that focuses on quality over quantity. We are passionate coffee-tifosi and want you to enjoy your Italian coffee as if you were in a small traditional café in Rome.

DISTINCT FLAVOR & INTOXICATING AROMA - our ESE 44 coffee Pods are not only fresh, but also aroma and flavor-preserving, so you can always enjoy the smooth texture, flavorful crema and enchanting aroma of a true Italian espresso.

UNLEASH YOUR INNER BARISTA & DAZZLE EVERYONE - whether you like a pick-me-up espresso shot in the morning or you like to enjoy a delicious cappuccino with your family on Sundays, the LUSCIOUX Italian coffee Pods will offer you a coffee experience made in Italy.

What Are You Waiting For? Indulge Yourself Now!

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100% Roast and ground coffee packaged in a protective atmosphere in Pods. Compatible with all ESE 44 coffee pods machines.

Product Features

Sonetto - Single serving pods of roasted and ground coffee. Decisive taste and homogeneous and compact texture. Intense aroma with hints of dried fruit and wood.Intensity: 8/9

DISCOVER THE AUTHENTIC ITALIAN ESPRESSO EXPERIENCE! Are you ready to embark on a unique journey through the aromas and velvety smooth texture of the original Italian espresso? The LUSCIOUX premium coffee capsules are here to bring you the rich body, intoxicating aroma and irresistible crema of the authentic espresso!

CLOSE YOUR EYES & LET THE MALT-LIKE AROMA SWEEP YOU OFF YOUR FEET! Every time you make a cup of espresso using our Nespresso compatible café capsules, the notes of dried fruit and wood will fill your kitchen with authentic Italian scents. Half the experience is in the aroma and our coffee caps are going to amaze you!

TASTE THE DIFFERENCE IN THE RICH & SILKY SMOOTH BODY that will make you feel as if you were in a traditional café in Rome or Milan. The bold and decisive flavor of our Italian espresso capsules will help you enjoy your espresso, macchiato, latte, ristretto, lungo, mocha or Americano like it was meant to be enjoyed!

UNLIKE ALL THOSE LOW-QUALITY NESPRESSO COMPATIBLE CAPSULES that have a short shelf life or are cheaply-made, the LUSCIOUX Italian roast coffee capsules are designed to prevent air, humidity or light from ruining your espresso experience. Plus, our delicious espresso capsules have a longer shelf life than regular capsules.