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Manual Coffee Mill Grinder with Ceramic Burrs, Two Clear Glass Jars, Stainless Steel Handle and Silicon Cover

Manual Coffee Mill Grinder with Ceramic Burrs, Two Clear Glass Jars, Stainless Steel Handle and Silicon Cover
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Manufacturer Description

This manual coffee mill grinder with ceramic burrs , two clear glass jars, stainless steel handle, silicon cover and a 15ml spoon for your coffee powder.The compact design,with its fortified glass display,fulfills the look and feel of a professional coffee grinder of the finest cafes.allowing you to enjoy the fun of grinding coffee.

1.High-quality ceramic grinding core, grinding beans easily and quickly, grinding beans do not heat, coffee taste better.
2.Multi-purpose grinder prepares fresh coffee, salt, pepper, green tea, and even sesame seeds.
3.Reusable glass container stores up to 100 g of coffee grinds and is dishwasher safe.
4.Advanced ceramic close in hard, will never rust and will provide a long useful life.

1.3 spoons/person, add 2-3 person, do not add extra more for protecting the ceramic core grinder, Step by step.
2.Turn the grinder in the clockwise direction by right hand.
3.Knock the grinder sometime for better operation.

Package Contents:
1*Manual Mini Coffee Grinder
1*Handle 1*Glass Jar
1*User Manual

Product Features

?This manual coffee grinder features a ceramic grinding mill that will never alter the flavor of the grinder.Ground coffee beans do not heat.Keeping the original flavor of the coffee. ?Portable and easy to carry.No batteries or electricity are required allowing you to enjoy fresh ground coffee anywhere.Portable manual coffee grinder if perfect for traveling coffee enthusiast or the home enthusiast. A good companion for weekends and holiday. ?Different grinding degree can be controlled by adjusting the nut.Adjusting nut control can help you get coffee fine or rough.Very easy to control. ?This coffee mill is easy to clean with disassembled parts.all the parts is washable.Silicone base pad,can protect the glass bottle,increase the friction,not easy to slip.Lengthened stainless steel handle,grinding beans will be more effort. ?Manual coffee grinder reduces noise produced by electric grinders, which means you can enjoy fresh ground coffee while your don't want to disturb others.