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PERCOL Fairtrade Vibrant Guatemala Ground Coffee Well-Rounded, Spicy Medium Roast 100% Arabica Beans Finely Ground Light Blend 200g

By: Percol
PERCOL Fairtrade Vibrant Guatemala Ground Coffee Well-Rounded, Spicy Medium Roast 100% Arabica Beans Finely Ground Light Blend 200g
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Manufacturer Description


Whether you prefer nutty and mild, chocolaty and rich, or dark and strong; we've got a ground coffee that you'll love.


We're a small bunch of coffee lovers who are based in the UK and believe in good coffee, from seed to cup.

Giving you a tasty cup of coffee is important to us, but so too is making sure the people and environments that grow our coffee are supported, respected and protected.

We've always been this way, right from the start back in 1987. Our founder travelled the world and saw the conditions coffee farmers were facing so he decided to make a change.

Percol Coffee was the first ground coffee on shelf to bear the Fairtrade mark, as well as the first coffee brand to use single origin and single estate beans leading to more awareness about the provenance and characteristics of different coffees.

Since then, we've also chosen to support the Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association and, of course, our own initiatives too. We love sharing all the wonderful ways you can enjoy our range of coffees, from new ways to brew your daily cuppa, to coffee inspired recipes and how to use up old coffee grinds.


Giving back to the farmers and environments that grow our coffee is a priority for us.

It's essential that we support our amazing growers, their communities and the environment; after all, it's because of their hard work that we're able to source consistently tasty beans.

We're incredibly proud to be part of the Next Generation Coffee project, which helps the next generation of farmers see a positive future in coffee growing by providing education about climate change, training and growing techniques and sustainability.

Product Features

Only the FINEST BEANS are used in this 100% Arabica Fairtrade coffee from Guatemala that offers a complex, spicy taste with clear notes of sumptuous chocolate and sweet berries. Vibrant and delicious, this well-rounded medium roast coffee has excellent body that is balanced by LIGHT ACIDITY and can be enjoyed anytime with a strength of 3.  For use in your drip coffee machine, or for FRENCH PRESS, cafetiere and filter machines, just add boiled water and allow to steep so the flavor deepens for about 3 minutes. Percol is the first on shelf to bear the Fairtrade mark so we make sure we SUPPORT, RESPECT and PROTECT our farmers and their land. We're big supporters of the Fairtrade Foundation, Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association. Be a PART OF THE SOLUTION, not the cause.