Pour Over Coffee Filters

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Pour Over Coffee Filters

Pour over coffee makers are gaining more and more popularity in today's coffee-crazed society. The ability to make an individual, absolutely fresh cup of coffee on demand and affordably is and irresistible selling point to many modern coffee lovers.

Pour over coffee makers come in a wide variety of types, styles and price ranges to suit every budget, but what about pour over coffee filters? Those can be a bit pricey! Do you really need them?

The short, easy answer to this question is "No!" There are a couple of ways you can eliminate the need to buy costly pour over coffee filters.

One option for enjoying pour over coffee without the filter is to simply choose a filter-free pour over unit. A nice, simple, stainless steel pour over maker with a fine mesh bottom is a filter-free choice.

With this option, you buy once and buy it right. Stainless steel lasts forever, and it can be thoroughly cleaned and sterilized to eliminate flavor transfer from one type of coffee to another. The only downside to this option is that the fine mesh can become clogged. You must be very diligent with your cleaning, and you may need to scrub the mesh with a toothbrush from time-to-time.

The other option is to simply use regular coffee filters and employ very minor "origami" skills. Take a standard, round coffee filter; fold it in half and then fold about a third of the filter over to create a cone. It's hard to describe but easy to do. Try it! You'll save a fortune!