Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour Over Coffee Makers

The quest for great coffee often leads to many devices being purchased to get the job done. Machines that drip, press, and use pods are fantastic bits of kit that produce a good cup, but they aren't really needed to get coffee, as pour over coffee makers can make it without using a single bit of electricity.

The pour over coffee maker consists of a cup with a basin that directs the filtered coffee downwards through a small hole. The cup has a bottom lip that lets it sit on top of a regular cup. It's a simple design that is functional and convenient.

All that is needed to work with these coffee makers are coffee grounds, a filter, and hot water. The filter is placed in the coffee maker and the coffee grounds are placed in the filter. While the coffee maker is sitting on top of a coffee cup, hot water is poured on top of the coffee grounds. As the water passes through the coffee grounds, coffee passes through the filter and drips through the hole into the cup.

These coffee makers are perfect in travel situations because they are so compact. As long as hot water is present, coffee can be made essentially anywhere.


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