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Rocket Fuel Energy Instant Coffee 100g

By: Percol
Rocket Fuel Energy Instant Coffee 100g
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Manufacturer Description

Unlike any other coffee. Rocket Fuel's special formula means the power hits fast and lasts. A high octane dark roasted instant coffee that uniquely gives a stimulating double hit of natural energy. First a velvet rusk line no other of caffeine rich smoothness, then a sustained hit of all natural Guarana.

For centuries Guarana's verging on supernatural effects have energised the Amazonian tribes to hunt 24/7 in the deepest and darkest of jungles. Rocket Fuel captures that Guarana effect to give you that much needed instant kick start to the day and the staying power to keep you going jungle.

Product Features

Airtight packaging to lock in freshness and flavour Added Guarana High-octane dark-roasted coffee Double-strength caffeine Hot energy drink