Stove Top Espresso Pots

Stove Top Espresso Pots

Your stove top espresso pots offer you a great way to make espresso regardless of where you're at. If you're into espresso and you can't bear the thought of being on a trip that you can't use your electric espresso pot, the stove top pot will work ideally.

To prepare your coffee you just unscrew the pot from the bottom of the espresso pot and set it up just as you would a regular coffee maker. Place your espresso into the receptacle and put fresh water into the water reservoir and put it back together.

Simply set it on your heat source and wait for your espresso to brew. You'll hear it begin to percolate similar to a percolating coffee maker and in just a few short minutes you'll have fresh espresso to drink. It's delicious and easy and there aren't any complicated parts to deal with.

Freshly brewed espresso is an ideal way to start your day. You can find the espresso pots made from a variety of different materials and in a variety of colors to match nearly any decor. From the most basic looking of pots to the most fancy you're sure to love your stove top espresso maker.

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